Overstrand Municipality appeals to visitors and residents to conserve electricity as best they can during the hot summer months.

By looking closely at how you use electricity, taking steps to save power where you can and by controlling the use of your appliances, it is actually easy to conserve energy.

Below are some saving tips that could help you:

  • If you’re not using an appliance, switch it off
  • Let’s all get into the habit of switching off the lights when we leave a room
  • Don’t leave TVs, DVD players and other electrical equipment in stand-by mode – rather switch them off completely
  • The same can be said for plug points and adaptors that hold cell phone chargers or bed side bulbs
  • To save money in your kitchen close fridge doors as quickly as possible when taking items out - do not leave the door open for longer than necessary
  • A geyser uses 39% of all household electricity; switch it off to save electricity and money
  • Insulate geysers and water pipes as this will help the water to stay hot for longer
  • Reduce the maximum temperature setting for your geyser/ thermostat
  • Instead of a long bath rather take a shower, as showers use less water and energy. Remember, energy and water-saving shower heads use less water and electricity
  • Use energy efficient lights/LED’s

By working together, we can lighten the load on our national grid and at the same time reduce the probability of load shedding.



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