Unemployed residents from Hawston and Fisherhaven, who are actively looking for work, will have the opportunity to REGISTER and ATTEND a Community Work Programme (CWP) induction on Friday, 12 April 2019.

CWP is an initiative by government which offers opportunities to unemployed youth of working age who are actively looking for work.

The programme provides participants with extra money to support them in their search for full-time or part-time employment, while doing community work.

Participants in the programme work typically 2 days a week and receive R81/day.

The rationale for availing 8 days of work a month in the CWP was in order to allow participants to engage in other

income generating activities for the remainder of the month.

The idea was that most unemployed people would not normally sit and do nothing while unemployed. Instead they would find some “piece jobs,” take up part-time or casual employment or self-employment.

“From sweeping the streets, or painting a school, to helping out at the hospice, the work they do will not only put food on their tables but also have a positive impact on their communities. It is about improving services, developing a sense of community and a sense of belonging,” explained Ronell Salies, Thusong Co-ordinator.

The CWP is designed as an employment safety net and not an employment solution for participants.

It's an on-going programme that doesn't replace government’s existing social grants programme but complements it.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE, similar induction days will be held in other towns in the area

WHEN: 12 April 2019 between 10:00 - 12:30 at Hawston Thusong Centre


Bring a certified copy of a valid identity document, bring an original bank statement not older than 3 months (or a letter from the bank where you have just open an account).