During a Council meeting held on Wednesday 31 October 2018 in Hermanus’ banqueting hall, Executive Mayor Ald Dudley Coetzee addressed Council on EMERGENCY HOUSING AND LAND-INVASION.

The Mayor’s speech, is published below:

On 31 May 2018, I reported the initiative to provide emergency housing in the Overstrand, to council. Subsequently I also approved the criteria for potential beneficiaries to participate in the emergency housing initiatives.

The progress to date is as follows:


  • 150 stands were developed;
  • 109 beneficiaries where vetted from 1100 names received from the community;
  • 54 stands have been occupied;
  • 49 potential beneficiaries’ resident in backyards preferred to stay at their current accommodation and wait for an opportunity in the IRDP housing project for the area.

The administration will through consultations with the community identify other potential beneficiaries.


  • 150 stands were developed;
  • 90 beneficiaries where vetted from 110 names received from the community;• The Stanford Social Compact committee will submit names of further potential beneficiaries;

Occupation of these sites will commence on the 5th of November 2018.


By August 2018 a number of 214 structures were erected by people that invaded land adjacent to the existing informal settlement;

  • 16 families are not first time home-owners and eviction will be considered;
  • 8 informal units were erected at the time outside the boundaries identified for the informal area and these units will be relocated to within the demarcated boundaries;

A meeting was held on 22 October 2018 at Kleinmond with all role-players identified by the local Ward Councillors. An action plan (roadmap) is to be finalised and implemented to resolve outstanding matters and challenges in the particular informal area.


The portion of land identified for emergency housing behind the Hermanus swimming pool has unfortunately been declared as unsafe for housing. The installation of services was however stopped during August 2018, and subsequently a new portion was identified along Swartdam road and the area of the vandalised transfer station. I have requested the administration to move the informal settlements that have been erected behind the swimming pool to the area previously used as the transfer station.

  • 150 stands were developed along the Swartdam road area;
  • Only 114 beneficiaries could be vetted from list provided by Zwelihle Renewal;
  • 100 potential beneficiaries could be vetted from the first 150 people on the housing demand database;
  • 214 potential beneficiaries where therefore vetted.
  • 103 structures have already been erected.


Law Enforcement have counted that approximately 1 300 informal units were built on the closed building rubble-, refuse dumpsites and behind the vandalised Hermanus swimming pool.

A number of approximately 800 units were also built on the Schulphoek land and partly on a small portion of municipal land.

The administration is in the process of providing basic services on periphery of these areas and investigating the availability of suitable for the settlement of the families.

The criteria applicable on various housing programmes, including emergency housing will be applied.

Mayor Coetzee also inform Council in terms of the provisions of section 29 of the Local Government: Municipal Finance Management, Act 2003 (Act 56 of 2003) that I have, on request from the Municipal Manager, authorised unforeseen and unavoidable capital expenditure for which no provision was made in the 2018 / 2019 Capital Budget of the Municipality.

This authorisation was as a result of discussions to consider the provision of at least water, sanitation and refuse removal services to mitigate health risks for emergency housing due to recent land invasions.

The total capital cost (excl vat) for the projects started and still to be completed is at this stage estimated at R1 470 000, with a further estimate for additional funding for water of R540 000 and sanitation R990 000 respectively.

This expenditure of R3 000 000 will be appropriated in a forthcoming adjustment budget.



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