Overstrand Municipality's Water Management Superb

The Department of Water and Sanitation published a "No Drop" report, as part of their three-drop incentive programme, giving municipalities and residents a clear idea of water use efficiency and water losses.

The aim of the report is to increase water use efficiency from water supply networks, and will add on already established Green Drop and Blue Drop scorecards, which measures the management of drinking water quality and waste water treatment respectively.

“The full No Drop score of 100% puts Overstrand on the top of the performance list in South Africa. The No Drop score indicates that Overstrand Municipality has an excellent knowledge of its status, and has the required processes, systems and plans in place to manage water losses and non-revenue water,” the report stated.

The No Drop report also assist municipalities to determine whether they are investing in the best infrastructure and practices, and whether they have the correct people employed to deal with issues of water loss and management.

Most municipalities are losing clean drinking water in the distribution system due to leaking pipes, dripping taps and illegal water use.

Stephen Müller, Director for Infrastructure & Planning, congratulated his staff on this achievement and described the three-drop awards as similar to SABS quality award: "Our water management is top notch. Bear in mind that for the Blue Drop Award the minimum score required is 95%, and the Greater Hermanus Water Supply system was the top performer out of 122 water systems evaluated in the Western Cape, with a score of 96.44%.

The No Drop criteria include Strategy planning and implementation, Asset management, Technical Skills, Credibility, Compliance and performance, Legal regulation, and Customer Care.


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