Understanding the Fire Danger signs

The Fire Danger rating predicts how a fire would behave if one started, including how difficult it would be to control.

The five possible Fire Danger Index (FDI) ratings are your trigger to be prepared and act.

These are:
• SAFE (Blue)
• MODERATE (Green)
• DANGEROUS (Yellow)

When you see a "RED" day on the Fire Danger Index, know that there is an EXTREMELY DANGEROUS warning for runaway wildfires.

A small uncontrolled fire can spread really quickly and become a threat to people's lives and property.

Always remember to extinguish all braai fires completely before leaving them unattended.

Property owners are also urged to consider the fire safety surrounding their houses and other properties, especially those living in the Biosphere regions. It is important in these areas to ensure that your gardens are trimmed back to reduce the fire load of shrubs and trees and that all deadwood is removed from under vegetation such as Fynbos.

Please contact the Overstrand Fire Department on 028 312 2400 immediately in the case of a wildfire or if you spot smoke.



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