Eskom press release 20 December 2022 Onrus area

Eskom customers in Onrusrivier/Vermont and surrounding areas are urged to switch off stoves, geysers, pool pumps and all electrical appliances to prevent possible tripping of electricity when supply is restored after load shedding or power interruptions.

Tuesday, 20 December 2022: Eskom customers in Onrusriver/Vermont and surrounding areas are advised to switch off stoves, geysers, pool pumps and all electrical appliances during load shedding. This is to prevent inrush current and possible tripping of electricity supply when supply is restored to large areas after load shedding.

Once the electricity has been restored, customers should wait at least 30 minutes before switching on stoves, geysers and pool pumps to avoid possible tripping of electricity.

Cold load pickup takes place when a distribution circuit is re-energized following an extended outage, where the current is high enough to cause a rapid overcurrent (load surge) that may cause the electricity supply to trip.

If supply has not been restored according to the load shedding schedule, customers should report faults on one of following platforms:

Eskom customers are encouraged to use Alfred the chat bot! Alfred will assist with logging electricity faults and giving immediate feedback, without having to call the Contact Centre. Click here for Alfred:

Alternatively, customers can download the MyEskom Customer App, which is available on the Google Play Store and the iPhone App Store. The App allows users to log a fault and immediately provides a reference number needed to track progress on the fault. Click here to download the MyEskom Customer App

Alternatively, customers can contact the Share Call number at 0860037566.

Eskom wishes to apologise to the customers affected.


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