Expenditure & Assets

The office of the Senior Manager: Expenditure & Asset Management is responsible for the payment of service providers and officials, as well as maintaining the asset register and short term insurance portfolio of the Overstrand Municipality in order to ensure service delivery.

The Objectives of Expenditure & Asset Management are to:

  1. give effect to the provisions of the Constitution, 1996;
  2. give effect to the provisions of the MFMA, 2003;
  3. manage the key performance and result indicators associated with the Expenditure- and Asset Management Section through the implementation of laid down policies and procedures;
  4. dictate financial reporting and recording requirements for the management of the Expenditure & Asset Management Section;
  5. manage objective setting and financial planning sequences and directing and executing accounting procedures and processes in accordance with relevant legislation and policies associated with controlling the Expenditure / Creditors, Payroll, Costing, Asset Management & Insurance Portfolio Sections.

It is the responsibility of the office of the Senior Manager: Expenditure & Asset Management that these objectives are adhered to and implemented; thereby ensuring sound, sustainable and accountable cost management which is fair, equitable, transparent and cost effective.

Expenditures and Assets Management

What do I do:

The provision of professional financial services to management and Council in respect of Expenditure Administration (Creditors/Salaries/Costing) and Asset Management.

Name: Johannes Vorster (Snr Manager: Expenditure and Asset Management)
Contact Number: +27 28 313 8046
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.