Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Monitor and evaluate the compliance with national, provincial and institutional legislation, regulations, by-laws, instructions, and financial standards and generally accepted financial practices in order to ensure that a professional and efficient financial management service is provided.

To ensure that all controls within finance directorate are effective and efficient in order to identify, prevent and detect the possibility of material misstatement and fraud.

To ensure that all the financial statements are prepared in all material respects, in accordance with GRAP, reflects the financial position of the municipality, that the results of the Municipality’s operations and cash flow information for year ended are fairly presented in accordance with GRAP and applicable statutory requirements.

Manage the facilitation and co-ordination all internal and external audit activites to ensure that the audit is conducted in an efficient and effective manner and that the desired outcome is achieved.

Supply Chain Management

What do I do:

The provision of professional financial services to Management, Council and various external bodies in respect of audit related activities, MFMA Compliance, Internal control and GRAP Compliance.

Name: Clint Le Roux (Divisional Manager: Supply Chain Management)
Contact Number: 028 313 8107

Mon – Fri: 07:45 – 13:00 & 13:45 – 16:30
Cashiers: 08:00 -13:00 & 13:45 – 15:00

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