No one can deny the profound influence advertising has on a business; nor the importance of it.

“Unfortunately signage on certain street poles, including those on stop streets, as well as A-boards and illegal trailers that are parked along the roads and is causing an obstruction, can distract motorist while driving, therefore becoming a hazard and that is why there are by-laws about it,” Mayoral Committee Member for Protection Services, Cllr Arnie Africa explained.

In addition, outdoor advertising and signs should not compromise the functioning and safety of traffic and/or pedestrians. Neither should it affect the character of a town by way of appearance, size or illumination. Illegal signage on fences and dustbins can also have a negative impact on the environment as a whole.

 According to Cllr Africa, law enforcement officers are currently in the process of removing many illegal posters hung on traffic light and stop street poles as part of its by-law enforcement operations.

“Some of the signs have been put up very low, and can be a danger to pedestrians walking on the sidewalks”, he added. He further confirmed that “signage is not allowed on any kind of traffic related pole”.

Overstrand Municipality appeals to the business community to adhere to the by-law relating to outdoor advertising and signage for the correct procedure to advertise.

Business owners and interested parties can familiarise themselves with above by-law on the Municipality’s website. To view the by-law, go to, click on By-laws and then on ‘Outdoor Advertising and Signage’.

The application to advertise with advertising boards and/or posters will be approved by the municipality before they can be installed. Failure to do so will lead to the municipality having to remove them instantaneously.


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