Overstrand Municipality received the following accolades at the 2016 Western Cape Greenest Municipality awards function:

  • Trophy for Winner in the Waste Management category. Overstrand won this category 6 times in the last 8 years.

  • Trophy for Winner in the Water Management category. Overstrand won this category 3 times in the last 4 years.

  • Trophy for Second runner up overall in the 2016 Western Cape Greenest Municipality Competition.

  • Cheque of R 50 000 for Second runner up overall in the 2016 Western Cape Greenest Municipality Competition.

  • Certificate of Outstanding Achievement as Second runner up overall in the 2016 Western Cape Greenest Municipality Competition.

  • Certificate of Outstanding Achievement for Innovation for the Pearly Beach Eluxolweni Waste Water Treatment Works, which was constructed on a rehabilitated landfill site.

Awards in 2015

  • Overstrand received an award from the Auditor-General for retaining a clean audit for the second consecutive year.

  • Gansbaai winners of the “World Travel Market International Gold” received an Award for Best Responsible Destination.

  • Working for Water ABET project received an award from Environmental Services for achieved one hundred percent pass rate.

  • Overstrand received The Christine Fortuin Memorial Award for “The Client of the Year in the ABET course”.

The following libraries received Awards for outstanding achievements in the following categories, namely:

  • Hermanus : “Beste groot openbare biblioteek”
  • Hawston : Best public library : Youth Services
  • Hawston : Outstanding achievement of Youth in the Arts and Culture,   Language, Heritage, Geographical Names, Museums, Libraries or Archives Fields.


  • Cape Whale Coast received an Award of Excellence for “Best Local Destination 2015”

  • Gansbaai received an award from Fair Trade Tourism Organisation for “The Best Destination for Responsible Tourism” as well as “Overall Winner”.

An award received by the Overstrand Municipality for winning in the following categories:

  • Waste Management
  • Biodiversity and
  • Management



Awards in 2014


  • The Auditor-General awarded Overstrand a Certificate of Achievement for its clean audit report at the end of the 2013/14 fiscal year.

  • A study revealed that eight of the 10 best-performing municipalities are in the Western Cape, with Overstrand in first and Stellenbosch in second place. Overstrand also walked off with the Western Cape Productivity 2014 Award.

  • The Western Cape Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport crowned the Hawston Public Library winner in the category children services.

  • The Eluxolweni housing project in Pearly Beach was crowned the best housing project by the South African Housing Foundation.

  • Overstrand walked off yet again as winner in the category waste management during the 2014 Greenest Town competition.

  • The Department of Water Affairs awarded Blue Drop status to five of Overstrand’s water treatment works and Green Drop status to four of its waste water treatment works. The department also recognised the Franskraal water treatment works as the best small plant in the country.

  • The new Preekstoel biofiltration water treatment plant received an award for excellence in municipal engineering from IMESA/CESA.

  • The project to replace water pipes in Overstrand received and award for excellence from the South African Society for Trenchless Technology. This is the first time such an award has been bestowed on a municipality out¬side a metro.

  • Three bathing beaches (Kleinmond, Hawston and Grotto) were again awarded international Blue Flag status for the 2013/14 holiday season. Grotto is the beach with the longest uninterrupted Blue Flag status in the country.

Awards in 2013

  • A Onrus Caravan Park, hitherto graded a two-star facility, was awarded three-star status in October 2013 by the Tourism Grading Board.

  • Second runner-up in the national Greenest Town competition, Overstrand was awarded R50 000 in prize money and walked off with the first prize for solid waste management as well as for water management and conservation. At the time of this event, Hermanus’ new biological water treatment plant – the first full-scale plant of its kind in South Africa – also received an award for innovation.

  • In recognition of exceptional and excellent contributions to the active promotion, development and implementation of trenchless technology in southern Africa, Overstrand received the Joop van Wamelen Award of Excellence 2013.